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opeluna1 on 11. Dec, 2013 — Lang: No text

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  • stihl 25.2.2014
    hh, nice :D
  • NBSloth 7.1.2014
    oh amazing
  • MJardin 27.12.2013
  • Drachir 14.12.2013
  • Drachir 14.12.2013
    Well, I've been invited for Christmas, As a turkey,
    I am blessed.
    I'm so happy, I think I'm gonna sing!
    Well, I've been invited for Christmas As a turkey,
    I am blessed They're going to have me for supper,
    And I'm going to be their guest.
    Well, I've been invited for Christmas,
    And I'll be dressed just right.
    Maybe I'll have some stuffing,
    When I'm eaten this Christmas night.
  • opeluna1 14.12.2013
    Thx Quag
    I expect to see something from u too
  • Quag54 13.12.2013
    I'll have the white meat ! :D
    Congratz. Nice to see something new from you !

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  • marko_janickovic 13.12.2013
    like it *-*
  • Boojamon 13.12.2013
    Woah! Really nice combination of colours!
  • ParryHotter 13.12.2013
  • syke 13.12.2013
    i love being a King.
  • syke 13.12.2013
    Opie!!! I love what you have done!!! great idea and...i would love to do this, but now its done so Gonga!!!
  • craigdragon 13.12.2013
    Conga on bribed!:>)
  • opeluna1 13.12.2013
    @Ada, me pondre mi abrigo y allá te llego con el pavo este, vale?
  • opeluna1 13.12.2013
    My friends, thanks for your words

    To all present and some of those apparently not around my best wishes for a very happy christmas

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  • benjamin895 13.12.2013
    and a merry xmas from down under:)
  • benjamin895 13.12.2013
    mm i could just gobble gobble that beauty up:)

    fantastic work Opeluna, well done:)

    and gratz on bribed!
  • 35sheep 13.12.2013
    That is one gorgeous piece of poultry!!! Grats Ope, and happy christmas *<:-D
  • thecomedyhen 13.12.2013
    Nicely done ope. I couldnt eat such a pretty turkey
  • piperatthegates 13.12.2013
    That is fantastic. Good job!

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