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Fallout: Greetings from the Mojave pg 3.

NeoChomik on 11. Dec, 2013 — Lang: Polski

Fallout: Greetings from the Mojave pg 3.
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    As i said, Rudevald will still appear in my series. And Greetings from the Mojave...(returns)



    Name: Anthony Simmons
    Profession: Priest(?)
    Location: Redmond Fields
    Price alive:
    Price dead: 500 caps

    The guy used to be one of the calmest guys in Redmond Fields. Then shit happened and he became not too friendly to outsiders and townfolk was ok with that. Then, shit hit the fan as one day he decided the townfolks are not welcome in there as well

    They pay only if we manage to kill him. Something you should be able to handle.

    Ok... we are off... you better get us something good, when we return...

    So, are we rushing this one as we always do?

    I think i would like to take a beer break at the Goodsprings saloon...

    So, it's them you want me to take care of.

    yes... you can dispose them in any way you want

    Legion will make sure your payment will be generous... if you will succeed...

    Well ... in that case.

    I will make sure it will be money well spent...

    You better don't dissapoint the great Caesar...

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