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Flesh_Wound_ on 11. Dec, 2013 — Lang: English

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    At this point in the French revolution, the people were already very unhappy with King Louis' ways

    Boooo! You suck!

    He tried to hire mercenary soldiers from foreign countries and send them to Paris and Versailles to create peace

    We shall go and make peace among the peoples!

    Instead of becoming peaceful, the people became suspicious and began arming themselves

    Let's strike back at King Louis for all of the bad things hes done!!!!

    And so, on July 14, 1789 the people of France attacked a very infamous prison and fortress called the Bastille, which also held the majority of King Louis' gunpowder

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    As a sign that the Bastille had fallen, the prison governor's head was paraded through the streets on a stick

    The Bastille has fallen! Celebrate for this is the start of revolution!!!!

    The fall of the Bastille frightened Louis, so he agreed to dismiss his mercenary army and create a new one called the National Guard led by Marquis de Lafayette a French officer

    I hope this works...

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