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Time For a Reboot Pt. 4: Anime Finish

SnakeYukin on 14. Nov, 2013 — Lang: English

Time For a Reboot Pt. 4: Anime Finish
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    Finally, I'm done with it. Well, technically I still have some tweeking on various hand positions, but yeah, technically I'm done and my reboot is finished.

    0_0 Though I guess I still have my more chibi-esq characters to redo. Also, my alter-ego has to be redone as well, but I think the major changes are finished and I now at least have a template.

    This strip is a reply to Time For a Reboot Pt. 3: The Torso



    And so after like... almost a month (?) my reboot is finally done. Hurrah, now I can focus on other things... I've got nothing.

    Yeah, this took longer then I expected it to be.

    Old Version

    New Version

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