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Riddle Me This New-Gen 1 Answer

SnakeYukin on 12. Nov, 2013 — Lang: English

Riddle Me This New-Gen 1 Answer
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    So thecomedyhen, you can celebrate in your riddle solving intellect for an easy riddle of mine. Neo, you were close.

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    Well well my little bats, time is up. It seems that only one of you fledglings deciphered my riddle.

    The rest couldn't Bolton the Michael Bolton like "em" inem, roll the rocks with the Beatles or make them "Rolling Stones", or have some AC on DC.

    But... of course... you don't get them, you don't keep them. No, what you do get....

    Is a CD from the store... though I guess now this is becoming less true now over digital formats of now.

    So congrats thecomedyhen, for being able to solve my riddle, but this was just an easy one detectives.

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