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Time For a Reboot Pt. 3: The Torso

SnakeYukin on 8. Nov, 2013 — Lang: English

Time For a Reboot Pt. 3: The Torso
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    Well, almost to the finish line.

    Then I can do a jig... as I'll have feet then.

    This strip is a reply to Time For a Reboot Pt. 2



    Ah yes, the body, probably the most constant thing I've tweaked over the years. This was the "last year" model that I was using prior to my leave last year. At the time, was my best attempt, but it had just been a slight improvement from all my previous models. The main improvement was really just a neck and having this area not straight.

    Prior, it was more or less the same body as my chibi characters. Body was completely square, no neck, and, at times early on, just looked like a detailed stick figure.

    Man, I miss doing stick figures.

    And so, that brings us to the now... The body isn't prefectly square, the neck is improved, I've created a custom skull bearing my SY logo, and several other minor details. Also, you know what this means, I'm somewhere around 85% through with this reboot. Yippee.

    Now to just make some feet, a hat, put everything together, and make some minor adjustments.

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  • Drachir 8.11.2013
    I choose my friends only far too well
    And I'm up on the pavement, they're all down in the cellar
    With their government grants and my I.Q.
    They brought me down to size, Academia Blues

    Snake is a friend, I know her well
    He's up on the pavement, yes,he's a weather man
    And I'm staying up here, so I may be undone
    He's inappropriate, but then he's much more fun and

    When he smiles my way
    My eyes go out in vain
    He's got perfect skin

    edited by owner

  • Scales 8.11.2013
    You need one in a tuxedo for formal occasions.
  • craigdragon 8.11.2013
    Looks cool!
  • thecomedyhen 8.11.2013
    Looks good
  • 35sheep 8.11.2013
    Very stylish!
  • SnakeYukin 8.11.2013
    @Neo: That would be a collar. Sorta a last minute thing I decided to put on.
  • NeoChomik 8.11.2013
    is that a hoodie shirt? or is it just a collar.
  • MadameCercle 8.11.2013

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