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Summertime Sadness

craigdragon on 7. Nov, 2013 — Lang: No text

Summertime Sadness
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  • craigdragon 12.2.2014
    @Occams: I know, I just wanted to clear it up for everyone.:>)
  • OccamsRayzor 12.2.2014
    I wasn't being critical, Craig. I like the strip very much.
    I was just noting the body language and how it could be interpreted.
  • craigdragon 12.2.2014
    @OccamsRayzor: I wanted it to turn out like this: The background is colorful, as it symbolizes my time in Lake Couer'd Alene, and the characters are in black and white because they are only a memory.
  • OccamsRayzor 12.2.2014
    There is an interesting dynamic to this picture for those of us who are attuned to 'body language'.
  • Courage 10.11.2013
    Nice indeed :B
  • craigdragon 10.11.2013
    Yeah, with red to get the color orange.
  • Courage 10.11.2013
    You used a yellow Christmas ball?
  • craigdragon 10.11.2013
    Thanks Courage, it was kind of difficult to achieve.:>)
  • Courage 10.11.2013
    Wow the sky looks so beautiful :O
  • wich 8.11.2013
  • Drachir 8.11.2013
    I'm gonna raise a fuss, I'm gonna raise a holler
    About a workin' all summer just to try to earn a dollar
    Every time I call my baby, and try to get a date
    My boss says, "No dice son, you gotta work late"
    Sometimes I wonder what I'm a gonna do
    But there ain't no cure for the summertime blues
  • NeoChomik 8.11.2013
    I don't have summertime sadness luckily.
  • SnakeYukin 8.11.2013
    LOVE, where you be?!
  • Quag54 8.11.2013
    I miss the warmer weather also. :/
  • craigdragon 8.11.2013
    @opeluna1: She was caught up in the moment (and in my irresistability;>p)
  • opeluna1 7.11.2013
    She is not so happy...
  • craigdragon 7.11.2013
    @Scales: Ha ha ha!:>)
  • Scales 7.11.2013
  • craigdragon 7.11.2013
    She did...that's one thing I liked about her, just don't tell her I said that:>).
  • falynhenry 7.11.2013
    Nice! I like it! But that chick has some Dolly Parton sized melons...

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