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Press Grills Commissioner

Brainster on 5. Nov, 2013 — Lang: English

Press Grills Commissioner
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    Commisioner, what do you say to those who claim he just makes it possible for even worse villains to arise?

    How does that not apply to the police force itself? By doing our job, do we create a better criminal?

    What about the constitutional right to confront one's accuser? How can he testify in a courtroom while wearing a mask?

    The actual number of court cases he has testified is miniscule, as I'm sure you are aware.

    Yes, because the courts consistently rule his enemies insane and send them to an asylum.

    That's a matter to take up with the judges. I have no control over the process once the legal system takes over.

    What about the accusations of brutality? Most of those he brings in show signs of being beaten.

    Most criminals do not submit themselves to the justice system voluntarily. I have seen no sign that he uses excessive force, just the amount necessary to effect an arrest.

    But that raises another isssue. Real police officers need a warrant to arrest someone.

    Not when they spot a crime in progress, they don't, which comprises the majority of the cases he's been involved in.

    If there are no further questions...

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