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Time For a Reboot Pt. 2

SnakeYukin on 1. Nov, 2013 — Lang: English

Time For a Reboot Pt. 2
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    I wasn't sure what part I should work on next, but I figured I'd try to get one of the more annoying ones out of the way. The hands will probably be something I'll continue to tinker with on and off.

    Going in, defiantly not as horrible as I thought it would look, even expecting to give up, but after starting it, I thought I could make it a little better.

    But hey, there's still so much more to go... like a torso and legs, then my creation will be complete again.

    *Cue Frankenstein/Evil Scientist laugh.

    This strip is a reply to Time For a Reboot Pt. 1



    Well, it is a new day and a new improvement from my old design. So the next part for my 2013 make-over is the arms and hands... primarily the hands.

    Simple circles for the arms and the hands were a variant of the "mitten" hands by Noonie.

    But hey, it defiantly was an improvement from the stock arm and hand that many us started with.

    Or the stick extension that most of us opted to upgrade to eventually.

    Ah yes... the good ol' days.

    But now for the "now" look... well, for the comic strips featuring my character in full body, anime style.

    The hand could use some work still, but at least it looks like a hand. On top of that, there's the painful road of creating gestures and positions for the hand, but hey, arguably one of the more annoying parts in this reboot are out of the way.

    *And wow, who knew only creating an improved face and showing it was bribe worthy.

    Hands - 2 hours

    Arms - like 10 minutes at the most and so happy they were easier then the hand.

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