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Time For a Reboot Pt. 1

SnakeYukin on 31. Oct, 2013 — Lang: English

Time For a Reboot Pt. 1
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    Also, in my time gone, I went to Columbia when I was board one day:

    Any way, I've pretty much been suffering from writer's blocks for some time, so I'm eventually back here. But first, I felt I need to improve my old character design, which started as giving a little facial hair, like I have now, but why go small.



    So I've been away for quite some, thanks to tis a many writers block.

    I'm hoping this place can help me get over this hump like before. Though to start, I think my anime style needs a bump. To the left, my (face) style before my leave...

    And now...

    Well... it is only the head so far.

    And yes, I do now sport a goatee or the Heisenberg.

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  • Flamingdeath 8.12.2013
    Heisenberg was coincidentally the subject of my Chemistry class powerpoint. (Sadly, not the Breaking Bad bad-ass)

    Liking your upgrades
  • markmahem 1.12.2013
    Nice, he looks more mature
  • firelordA2 15.11.2013
    I likey
  • Streetin 11.11.2013
    I love the new look.
  • abrotons 1.11.2013
    he looks fine
  • asfaltocaldo 1.11.2013
    conga on bribed!
  • JRMarklin 1.11.2013
    That style of beard, around here they call padlock
    Ese estilo de barba, por aquí la llaman candado
  • SnakeYukin 1.11.2013
    @cirkuz: Eh, which one. I can't recall what gig that was, there's been so many since then.
  • cirkuz 31.10.2013
    you were gone?... ;]
    by the way you never said how that voice acting gig turned out...
  • bluesockmonkey 31.10.2013
    i like the neo-beatnkik look on you...
  • BaalMoloch 31.10.2013
  • Drachir 31.10.2013
    Good to see you back
  • Drachir 31.10.2013
    There are beards that reach down to your toes
    And beards that grow right up your nose
    They’re quite impressive I suppose
    But I think I love your beard the most

    Well some are big and some are small
    And some men don’t have one at all
    My grandma had one I recall
    But ladies beards aren’t beautifull
  • NeoChomik 31.10.2013
    Now the question is... how long?
  • asfaltocaldo 31.10.2013
    SY back! that's great news, master!
  • craigdragon 31.10.2013
    YOU'RE BACK! Awesome!^^
  • benjamin895 31.10.2013
    awesome new look!
  • dadebomb123 31.10.2013
    am i right in saying he kinda looks like Gordon freeman, make a gravity gun! or have already done that?

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