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Tutorial: how to be a fameous artist on SG

NeoChomik on 24. Oct, 2013 — Lang: Polski

Tutorial: how to be a fameous artist on SG
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    It's either that or developing actually artistic skills with the engine, which is better and beneficial.


    This might be a joke, but you won't deny there is a little bit of truth in here.

    This strip is a reply to How to succeed and become popular



    Tutorial: how to be fameous in an instant.

    Step 1: make an account.


    Step 2: buy theme pack

    Super boxy thing containing super awesome theme pack items (mostly colours)

    *totaly yellow*

    *actually green*

    Step 3: prepare for fame and eternal glory. you will become Featured artist so often, you will sh*t success

    NeoChomik, tutorial, FAKE, parody
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  • maxactioncomix 26.11.2013
    i cant afford theme packs. i geuss ill never be famous on stripgenerator :(
  • abrahax 29.10.2013
    i'll get theme pack when i am 12 or 13
  • abrahax 29.10.2013
    i want to get theme pack but i just don't want to get it. i can only get it for chrismas and my birth and i want to get a naruto fore head protector and furby boom
  • abrahax 29.10.2013
    i never use theme pack i still famous.... well kind of
  • craigdragon 26.10.2013
    Conga on bribed and @Quag: That's true, you never use theme packs but you're still pretty awesome!:>)
  • Quag54 26.10.2013
    I have no theme packs, but done well here thanks.
  • Drachir 26.10.2013
  • begbie 26.10.2013
    Yes, buying theme pack has brought me fame and fortune i was hoping for. I highly recommend it.
  • Drachir 25.10.2013
    Fame, makes a man take things over
    Fame, lets him loose, hard to swallow
    Fame, puts you there where things are hollow

    Fame, it's not your brain, it's just the flame
    That burns your change to keep you insane
  • abrotons 25.10.2013
    he he
  • wich 25.10.2013
    I beacame famous, because I am a rebel!
  • craigdragon 25.10.2013
    I agree with buying a theme pack just to get yellow. There were so many strips I couldn't do without yellow, that I just bought it.
  • Scales 25.10.2013
    I agree with EdWilder, I only bought the theme pack because I needed the dark blue that you get when you reverse the yellow. I was making one of those "hello, my name is" name tags. Yup, I bought the theme pack just to make a name tag.

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  • EdWilder 25.10.2013
    The biggest advantage to theme packs that I can see is the yellow ornament in the Christmas package...
  • cirkuz 25.10.2013
    so am i famous or infamous? i think my "eeeeeee!" series over the years and character development style help me to become a recognizable contributor to this site every once in a while i think about getting the colors but i always seem to not follow through...remember bout 6 or 7 months ago some guy got 10 friends to make 10 different accounts so he could get an "OMG!" on a less than thrilling strip? besides every body knows your style some have copied your style and you persevere and bounce back from adversity... you were even a god before i was having others know whom you are and having a history here is more than F.A or bribed strip...
  • Cheesepizza 25.10.2013

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