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King of nothing

abrotons on 22. Oct, 2013 — Lang: Catala

King of nothing
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  • EdWilder 27.10.2013
    When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.--Dylan
  • MadameCercle 24.10.2013
    * * *
  • stihl 23.10.2013
    he can be proud on himself :P
  • Drachir 23.10.2013
    All the wants you waste
    All the things you've chased

    Then it all crashes down
    And you break your crown
    And you point your finger
    But there's no one around
    Just want one thing
    Just to play the king
    But the castle's crumbled
    And you're left with just a name

    Where's your crown, King Nothing?
    Where's your crown?
  • Stiltsen 23.10.2013
    Nice and simple.
  • craigdragon 23.10.2013
    @cirkuz: That's true!
  • cirkuz 22.10.2013
    even nothing is something...
  • OccamsRayzor 22.10.2013
    AKA Keyhole Cthulhu :D
  • abrotons 22.10.2013
  • Veronique 22.10.2013
    eres mi rey!

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