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Eraso azpian. Under attack.

abrotons on 19. Oct, 2013 — Lang: No text

Eraso azpian. Under attack.
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  • A2H 19.12.2015
    I hate insects but I love this strip.
  • wolfvilla 23.3.2015
    سبحان الله
  • Crazyzee 15.11.2014
    Un-Bee-lieveably Great! Perfect detail.
  • asfaltocaldo 15.11.2014
  • asfaltocaldo 15.1.2014
    la violenza della natura...
  • benjamin895 15.1.2014
    damn i missed this one.. wonderful!

    thanks for the reply mate:)
  • MadameCercle 24.10.2013
    * * *
  • yoloswag1 20.10.2013
    mint xD
  • Streetin 20.10.2013
    This has wonderful detail!
  • Drachir 20.10.2013
    Under attack, I'm being taken
    About to crack, defences breaking
    Won't somebody please have a heart
    Come and rescue me now 'cause I'm falling apart
    Under attack, I'm taking cover
    He's on my track, my chasing lover
    Thinking nothing's gonna stop him now
    Should I want to, I'm not sure I know how
  • abrotons 19.10.2013
    craigdragon: ants are my favourites
    anna: grazzie... ets una gran amiga
    maori: your comments are really welcome
  • craigdragon 19.10.2013
    I think the ants will win!
  • asfaltocaldo 19.10.2013
    splendido racconto :)))
  • Maoriman 19.10.2013
    The Battle for the Insect world!
  • abrotons 19.10.2013
    thanks Occams
    your comments are specially apreciated
    because you're you remember when you commented half a strip of mine was a sh..?
  • abrotons 19.10.2013
    thanks Zuber!
  • Zuber 19.10.2013
    such very fine work
  • OccamsRayzor 19.10.2013
    This one is stupendous! A frozen moment in time, captured perfectly.
  • abrotons 19.10.2013
    es una serie...van en camino... y se ayudan entre ellas
  • Veronique 19.10.2013
    ¡Me gustó la descripción!
    Buena vibra

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