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Coming out

opeluna1 on 17. Oct, 2013 — Lang: No text

Coming out
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  • johngflynn657 7.6.2014
    the title really caught my attention :D but nice job!
  • Detective 10.12.2013
    Very very nice :) I love the design
  • Quag54 30.10.2013
    nicely done
  • falynhenry 25.10.2013
    Simply Beautiful!
  • opeluna1 20.10.2013
    This I mean
  • asfaltocaldo 19.10.2013
    lovely image, nice choice of colours and technique, like this illustration style - conga!
  • Cheesepizza 18.10.2013
    Sooo awesome!
  • Drachir 18.10.2013
    Gratz my dear!
  • opeluna1 17.10.2013
    Thx everyone
    @maoriman, yes sometimes I wonder that myself
    I rather be on a hammock!
  • Maoriman 17.10.2013
    Surprised you make to work at all with such a scenic route...^^ Gratzy on bribed.
  • MadameCercle 17.10.2013
    * * *
  • roundhead 17.10.2013
    Coming out? Morning's are gay?

    Just kidding. Love the artwork!
  • OccamsRayzor 17.10.2013
    Very, very nice!
  • brothertucker 17.10.2013
    You work at a nice place
  • craigdragon 17.10.2013
  • NeoChomik 17.10.2013
    sometimes in the morning you can see things, you will rarely see in the later parts of the day.
  • Drachir 17.10.2013
    Sunrise and the new day's breakin' trough
    The morning of another day without you
    And as the hours roll by
    No one's there to see me cry except the sunrise
    The sunrise and you...

    Tired eyes drift across the shore
    Looking for love and nothing more
    But as the sea rolls by
    No-one's there to see me cry... except the sunrise
    The sunrise and you...
    Sun-rise bless my eyes
    catch my soul - make me whole again
  • wich 17.10.2013
    I love these palm trees
  • ritchy 17.10.2013

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