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Did i lost my swag ;)

miskec on 16. Oct, 2013 — Lang: No text

Did i lost my swag ;)
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  • DonutNinja 30.1.2014
  • abrotons 19.10.2013
  • MrTerrorKiller 17.10.2013
    hell na!!!
  • Maoriman 16.10.2013
    No, looks like you be still swagging...
  • craigdragon 16.10.2013
    I ain't lost my swag!:>)
  • NeoChomik 16.10.2013
    what you mean by swag?
  • Drachir 16.10.2013
    Just because I'm losing
    Doesn't mean I'm lost
    They gave me nothing but doubt
    First they waited then they hated then they counted me out
    And just because I'm losing
    Doesn't mean I'll stop
    They say I lost my way
    But first I showed them then I sold them right in front of their face

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