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Happy Thoughts

Maoriman on 10. Oct, 2013 — Lang: English

Happy Thoughts
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  • Fishbro 13.1.2014
  • JUma 15.11.2013
  • DiSalvo1997 6.11.2013
    haha :)
  • MadameCercle 17.10.2013
    * * *
  • Drachir 13.10.2013
    “Oh, I'm being eaten
    By a boa constrictor,
    A boa constrictor,
    A boa constrictor,
    I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor,
    And I don't like it--one bit.
    Well, what do you know?
    It's nibblin' my toe.
    Oh, gee,
    It's up to my knee.
    Oh my,
    It's up to my thigh.
    Oh, fiddle,
    It's up to my middle.
    Oh, heck,
    It's up to my neck.
    Oh, dread,
    It's upmmmmmmmmmmffffffffff . . .
  • Elgar 11.10.2013
    :D yep...It will help ya..
  • Quag54 11.10.2013
    don't think it will help this :S
  • NeoChomik 11.10.2013
    few years from here, when you will look back at it you will laugh and laugh...
  • Scales 10.10.2013
    Instead of happy thoughts, perhaps he should be considering how to get out of there.
  • paco_de_pinda 10.10.2013
    Come on Hen! Think positive!
    You could think You're get eaten by an enormous snake..
    BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE YOU.. You so have...! In such a warm place you...! There's a lot of...! Ehm... You....

    First it, you're doomed .__.

    And nice to hear some things about where you live. It actually more scares that amuses me, o_O"
  • Maoriman 10.10.2013
    The ugliest goddamn frog I've ever seen... hahahahahaha
  • brothertucker 10.10.2013
    hypno eyes
  • Veronique 10.10.2013
    Pero qué hermosa serpiente!
  • thecomedyhen 10.10.2013
    Yeah kids beating teachers, but the teachers aren't so great either though. Always on strike, or running away with students.

    There are a few nice things going on though, like this frog
  • craigdragon 10.10.2013
    Kids beating up teachers! My God!
  • Maoriman 10.10.2013
    Flight of the Conchords are huge! Funny as hell^^ Damn beating up teachers?
  • opeluna1 10.10.2013
  • thecomedyhen 10.10.2013
    How famouse are those flight of the conchords guys over there in NZ? I love that show, brett and jermaine :) hahaha

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  • thecomedyhen 10.10.2013
    It is an awesome country, just ridiculously violent crime.

    The current trend is kids beating up their teachers, 3 times in the last week now
  • abrotons 10.10.2013
    we have to be positive!

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