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Dantzatu nirekin. Dance with me.

abrotons on 5. Oct, 2013 — Lang: English

Dantzatu nirekin. Dance with me.
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  • calm 2.2.2016
    I'd never heard of this dance. I love your character's movements! :-)
  • Brezhoneg 19.12.2015
  • abrotons 19.12.2015
    come on, A2h, let's dance
  • A2H 19.12.2015
    I don't want to be killed.
  • abrotons 14.10.2014
  • asfaltocaldo 14.10.2014
    I felt I'd see this strip around again now... hehehehe...
    pogo, pogo!
  • Elgar 12.6.2014
    Aha.... I have heard only about that brutal pogo...if you fall down, other people keep jumping and dancing, and that's very dangerous. Im glad, there's peaceful version of this :D should be fun !

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  • abrotons 12.6.2014
    Elgar: I've never heard about casualties, but I've sometimes got hurt -just a little-
    Anyway there are fighting pogos, quite aggressive, and peaceful pogos, where everybody helps each other...-if you fall down, somebody pulls you up instantly
  • Elgar 12.6.2014
    Pogo? Isn't it that dangerous dance from concerts? I heard, that some people actualy died because of this dance
  • asfaltocaldo 18.1.2014
    THIS dance? hahahaha....
  • abrotons 18.1.2014
    let's dance anna
  • asfaltocaldo 18.1.2014
    great to see this strip around again!
  • MadameCercle 15.11.2013
    — Bigre ! Vous êtes trop fort !!
  • craigdragon 15.11.2013
    Crazy dancing!:>)
  • thecomedyhen 6.10.2013
    Boogie Boogie
  • asfaltocaldo 6.10.2013
    bel dinamismo!
  • Azzie13 6.10.2013
    Sadly I can't dance but I canmake music :-D
  • Maoriman 5.10.2013
  • abrotons 5.10.2013
    pues venga!!!
  • Veronique 5.10.2013
    qué bien!

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