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A Romantic Commencement

MurderHollywood on 18. Dec, 2007 — Lang: English

A Romantic Commencement
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    We'll see if I hang around here or not. What's not made clear in any sort of way in the strip is that I'm working on a new web comic by the name of Murder Hollywood. I've got the domain, the web designer, the artist, and even a few written comics...but getting something like this off the ground ain't exactly like shitting daisies.

    Mmmm, I like that. I'll have to make a note of trying to insert that phrase into everyday conversations.

    Anyway, I guess my idea right now is to use as a sort of personal blog/comic to encapsulate the goings-on in my noggin as well as trials and tribulations - all in relation to getting my site up and running.

    Let's see if I get past this single blog entry.

    First, New comic, personal history
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