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Fallout: Greetings from the Mojave pg 2.

NeoChomik on 31. Aug, 2013 — Lang: Polski

Fallout: Greetings from the Mojave pg 2.
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    the hat joke was based on our chat, where i couldnt decide on the matter. Rude was all like "just make it different in every frame he is in and add a bit of comedy" and there ya go.



    Ahh... you have returned... great.

    Despite the fact i respect your effectivnes, finding a bounty for you two is a pain in the ass.

    Rudevald won't do bounties from legion for hatred towards them

    NeoChomik on the other hand refuses to do NCR bounties, because Rudevald takes no payment for those

    Luckily, I've managed to find a bounty just for you. The target is...


    I've tried to ignore this fact for a moment, but seriously, WHY YOU KEEP CHANGING YOUR HATS LIKE THIS!

    Rude... what the fuck you are talking about? there's nothing wrong with any of his clothes.

    Look, I don't give a bramin's shit if you are on Jet or whatever you take to make yourself feel good...

    just take this bounty and info about your target and get your asses off here...

    NeoChomik, Rudevald, Fallout, Greetings from the Mojave, F:NV, Fallout New Vegas, Spoiler alert, One of them, is playing, with crazy wastelands perk
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  • Rudevald 25.12.2013
    @SierraTwist Dogmeat was companion in Fallout 1 and 2
  • SierraTwist 12.12.2013
    I know Dogmeat is from 3 but are you thinking of adding a similar character to him ?
  • begbie 6.10.2013
  • cilbie444 9.9.2013
  • dadebomb123 2.9.2013
    how about a cameo from EDE? :) that guy is awesome
    like this strip! :D
  • Azzie13 1.9.2013
    Awesome :D
    A few months ago I started Fallout New Vegas too. Veronica is my helper :D
  • Netrunner 1.9.2013
    Great. I want to have the answer too.
  • craigdragon 1.9.2013
    I like it, Neo!:)
  • ourWorld_Online 1.9.2013
    I like the design in the fourth frame.
  • Maoriman 31.8.2013
    Good work Neo...
  • Quag54 31.8.2013
    He's not very happy at his job.
  • Rudevald 31.8.2013
    I didnt took any Jet! His hats just changed! I know what i'v seen! Im not mad! You are one who is mad! Wait?! Where are you taking me?!

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