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kennyreid on 26. Jul, 2013 — Lang: English

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  • thecomedyhen 27.7.2013
    Even Kenny is in on this, why have i not heard of this game before? Where can i get it from?
  • chuloman 27.7.2013
    Wow! Why i don´t see this? xD
  • asfaltocaldo 27.7.2013
    agree agree agree with those who say it's nice to see you back!
  • NeoChomik 27.7.2013
    So you agree you commited the crime?
  • firelordA2 27.7.2013
  • Veronique 26.7.2013
    Ohhh! great entry!!!!
  • Azzie13 26.7.2013
    Hail King Kenny !!
    I enjoy your strips.
    Please continue deadmans shoes.
    Your humble Queen of swirls land
    Azzie ;)
  • OccamsRayzor 26.7.2013
    Welcome back!
  • kennyreid 26.7.2013
    1 year 25 days since my last published strip....

    im sorry guys
  • paco_de_pinda 26.7.2013
    Wow. Milkman and Chuloman really made a trent on SG. Original Plot twist Kenny. All other shoutballoons were taken already.
  • opeluna1 26.7.2013

    nice to see your strips again ;)
  • Pen_alias 26.7.2013
    Well, who am I to disagree? I've traveled the world and the seven seas...but I digress.
  • kennyreid 26.7.2013
    really a year?????????// i shouldnt waste my time sir should i?
  • Quag54 26.7.2013
    It's about time someone said it !
  • 35sheep 26.7.2013
    Haaaahahahahaha!!! First strip in over a year? Love it!

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