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Stripville - I'm No Warrior!

akrimony on 13. Jul, 2013 — Lang: English

Stripville - I'm No Warrior!
  • Description

    This is a story about Stripville. A city whose residents create comic strips to earn their living.

    18 year old Zan discusses the fate of Stripville and his aversion to war.

    This strip is a reply to Superheroe or Supervillain, warrior



    Zan, do you really think that Stripville is in danger?

    The Sage could never be wrong.

    I wish your father was alive. Stripville was safe with a warrior like him.

    Hmm. It's been twelve years since father fought that monster.

    The warrior clan of Stripville has many great warriors.

    But none like your father.

    But Zan, you too are from the warrior clan, why did you abandon the military camp?

    Please don't say that, Jack. It sickens me.
    I'm a creator. I want to create strips that get bribed, I want to tell stories.
    I hated the camp! I don't want to fight! I am no warrior..

    I was six when I saw him dying, my father.

    I simply have this ingrained aversion to the sight of bloodshed.

    Hmm. Father loved Stripville more than anything in the world.

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