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Please, make it happen.

paco_de_pinda on 29. Jun, 2013 — Lang: English

Please, make it happen.
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  • areta 23.3.2014
  • DerkBoy 22.3.2014
    :D , sorry that's the only thing i can think :)
  • Pensco2703 11.11.2013
  • cilbie444 9.9.2013
    Please make it happen...
  • cilbie444 9.9.2013
    Make it happen!
  • kdk1125 18.8.2013
    nice strip
  • chuloman 20.7.2013
    Yes please! xD
  • MrTerrorKiller 18.7.2013
    I really wonder who that is
  • craigdragon 5.7.2013
    Nice one paco!
  • asfaltocaldo 3.7.2013
    very clever and funny! conga on bribed paco!
  • dodgeviper 1.7.2013
    lol, especially the last one :-D
  • Quag54 1.7.2013
    This is as close as it gets !
  • wich 1.7.2013
    It could not happen, becuase we can vote only people with account
  • sidneyflei 1.7.2013
    i thought there's now two featured artist^_^
  • paco_de_pinda 1.7.2013
    It's a small step for Anonymous, but a huge s step for.. eh.. The anonymouskind? Thanks for the bribe!

    @calm Well, it looks like he's FA of the day now. That's fun too^^
    @FD I bet you're right. "It's not always about success".. We did a great job. Trying means beleving. And I'm looking forward to GoK
  • cirkuz 1.7.2013
  • Flamingdeath 1.7.2013
    I say we call this a moral victory...a small step on the road to our goal....I think I'm gonna go watch Young Frankenstien.......Game of Kill will recontinue sometime Monday hopefully
  • JUma 30.6.2013
    so cool!!
  • calm 30.6.2013
    Look at this, p_d_p!
    Congrats on leading a great campaign! :-)
  • paco_de_pinda 30.6.2013
    @Elgar Anonymous would make an account if he became FA. ;) (well.. he isn't anonymous anymore if he does that.. so.. nvm)

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