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The Facebook Quota

seanrnicholson on 22. Jun, 2013 — Lang: English

The Facebook Quota
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    How much Facebook can you take each day?



    Well, I have definitely reached my Facebook quota for the day.

    You have a Facebook quota? What does that mean?

    I limit myself to reading 2 political opinions, 1 gun control rant, 3 "My life sucks" posts and an invitation to a Facebook game. It gets me off Facebook in under a minute.

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  • Scales 25.6.2013
    That'll do it.
  • paco_de_pinda 23.6.2013
    I always make a quick look through everybody's status and spent the rest of the time at watching 'funny pictures' from one single Facebook page. When I'm on Facebook, I usually spent 15-30min. But I don't do that very often.

    Everybody will stop using Facebook when they have to pay for it, so I don't think Facebook would do that. But interesting that you found out that they were considering about that and put it in the T.O.S.
    (I red that in your blog "will Facebook always be free probably not everyone?")

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