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Fallout: Greetings from the Mojave pg 1.

NeoChomik on 14. Jun, 2013 — Lang: Polski

Fallout: Greetings from the Mojave pg 1.
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    Here comes the first page of our series.

    We had a little problem how to settle things. I wanted to make regular Fallout intro with plot explanation (hence the "war never changes" thing), but Rude wanted to put some Legion massacre, so instead we had to put story like this.

    Also Im going to push plot in other series as well.



    War... war never changes...

    Why does Caesar sent us here anyway?

    but the fate of war can be decided by those, who are the least expected.

    I don't know. But we should get going, my previous men got killed here...

    On our territory? how?

    We got ambushed by two guys...

    two of them? really?

    yeah, i will never Forget them...

    One of them was Neo Chomik, he was a Vault dweller, but ended up as one of Butchers... I recognized the mask

    Those insane cannibals, that were part of Family, who created De Luxe casino in Strip?

    the very same... He killed three of my men alone with one Machete. He killed them all while laughing wildly. Other two of us tried to sneak behind him and stab his back...


    But he was not alone. He got company of Rudevald. The guy once was NCR Ranger, but why he is no more one of them is a mystery...

    I dont know where he was, but he took down two of my men... with a SINGLE BULLET!

    Well sorry to Cut in guys, but Im hungry...


    I barely made it alive... Im telling you. this guys ARE dangerous, but Caesar still doesn't believe they would get so close to our camp to hunt us down like dogs!

    they sound like bunch of cowards... i took down many NCR rangers myself... I doubt this one is any different, even if he has a psychopatic cannibal on his side.

    Im telling you! Don't underestimate them!

    Here comes next one... Any time now, bro. Put your fancy mask and let's show them what we do with Legion scum...

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