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Are MRT trains foreign territory?

modernburrow on 12. Jun, 2013 — Lang: English

Are MRT trains foreign territory?
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    I don't feel like I am in my own country when I board the MRT during rush hour.

    Do you know why?

    Because the Gahmen allow in so many foreigners!


    Because so many Singaporeans drive cars!



    According to LTA Vehicle ownership statistics there were 535, 233 private cars in 2012 (excl. rentals, company cars and taxis). According to MOM statistics there were about 2 million residents (SIngapore and PR) working. The total labour force is about 3 million. Which means 1 million foreigners are in our labour force.

    Assuming that all private cars are owned by Singaporeans and take only 1 person to work during rush hour. Assuming that all of the labour force takes the MRT during rush hour; no bus, no taxi, no walking, no cycling, no company lorry/ bus.

    That means there will be 1.5 Singaporean workers to 1 Foreign worker, instead of 2 SIngaporean workers to 1 Foreign worker. Perhaps the extra half Singaporean makes a difference.

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