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Veronique on 3. Jun, 2013 — Lang: No text

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    Dear all:
    This is my thousandth strip. I am very happy to share with you.
    Thanks for your love and support.
    I love you.

    This strip is a reply to Long time ago
    1000, Veronique, love, SG
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  • Azzie13 6.6.2013
    Congratz Veronique, you are one of the many artists around here.
    Keep on doing your thing :D
  • Geoviking 4.6.2013
  • Maoriman 4.6.2013
    Congadalabonga veronique
  • stihl 4.6.2013
    gratz for the bribe and conga for 1000 strips!
  • DLRAAR 4.6.2013
  • cmcclung1583 4.6.2013
    un buen comienzo!
  • benjamin895 4.6.2013
    we've been so fortunate to have witnessed so many amazing strips from you.. i, like everyone else, look forward to the next 1000!!

  • sidneyflei 4.6.2013
    wow^^ way to go
  • cirkuz 4.6.2013
  • asfaltocaldo 4.6.2013
    felicidades Nikki!
  • aah 4.6.2013
    how do people do these on here
  • Maoriman 3.6.2013
    COnga on 1000...
  • cirkuz 3.6.2013
  • Flamingdeath 3.6.2013
    YAAAAY Conga and I luv the fire effect! Favs!
  • alibaba59000 3.6.2013
    Bravo !!!
  • dawg123 3.6.2013
    Woah that is a lot of stripping ;D haha, but really congrats
  • Veronique 3.6.2013
    Thanks my friend!
  • thecomedyhen 3.6.2013
    Congrats on 1000. I need to go back a few weeks an like the ones i have missed
  • Veronique 3.6.2013
    @Neo: ^-^ Thank you!
  • Veronique 3.6.2013
    Querida Anna: Gracias!!! sabes? no importa sí es arte o no, lo importante es que me puedo dejar llevar por lo que siento. Y el agradecer me hace sentir tan bien. Y por eso me reconforta! (gracias por todo!) besos de regreso !

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