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DH social media guidelines 2

susy_wootton on 3. Jun, 2013 — Lang: English

DH social media guidelines 2
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    Link social media to your project objectives

    By linking social media to your project/comms objectives, you can ensure you are talking to the right people, in a useful way, which can be measured.

    Go to your audience

    Don't use a social media channel because it's popular. When planning your project, find out where your audience is already talking. This way the channel is already establised and you know people are ready to engage with it.

    Think long-term

    Don't just use social media when you want something. By using it regularly you will become more credible and people will be more likely to engage with you.

    Be a real person

    We'd always recommend you are yourself on social media. That can be either in a personal or professional capacity or both.

    Always evaluate your use of social media

    double click to write...

    This way you'll know how it contributed to your objectives and what to do/ not do next time.

    Don't say anything you wouldn't say to a room full of people

    Everything you say is public

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