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Maoriman on 28. May, 2013 — Lang: English

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  • qenene 3.7.2013
    Between these two ears seems to be somebody... a Spock. Nice.
  • OccamsRayzor 3.7.2013
    That's a great caricature!
  • Magique 8.6.2013
  • zim_ulator 7.6.2013
    @Maoriman: Are you still in the breach? I can't seem to get you on the phone, and I know reception is notoriously awful in the breach. (Pulls up breaches as he arises from his nocturnal ablutions and such)
  • akrimony 6.6.2013
  • comicmaker2207 3.6.2013
  • DerkBoy 1.6.2013
    Wow 0_0
  • Maoriman 31.5.2013
    LOL@the zim_lator... Into the breach of randomness we shall charge, and together may we never find our sanity...

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  • zim_ulator 30.5.2013
    I am flattered and bemused simultaneously. Out of respect for Spocks ability to kick my ass, I will stay out of his universe, mostly. I will ride into this universe on the invisible coattails of Maoriman, smelling of garlic and elephant lube. Flames shall shoot out of our nostrils, and we will together mispronounce the Oath of Sampled Unlicensed MIDI Playback with fronds and oak leaves. Visors down! Forward into the breach!
  • MelanieCool 30.5.2013
    I hope i never see a person like this.
    If do I'll run.
    My favorite. Nice.^_^

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  • dawg123 29.5.2013
    This is very well done love the style favd!
  • 35sheep 29.5.2013
    Grats man!!!
  • kennyreid 29.5.2013
    always a pleasure sir
  • gregheffleydude1 29.5.2013
    Awesome! Gratz on bribed!
  • Neinire 29.5.2013
    looks like amazing caricature:), cg for bribed
  • firelordA2 29.5.2013
  • benjamin895 29.5.2013
  • BaalMoloch 29.5.2013
    Fascinating! ^^

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  • sidneyflei 29.5.2013
    wow..really amazing..
  • Maoriman 29.5.2013
    Gracias AdaLovelace
    And thanks everyone for the bribed...

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