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35sheep on 26. May, 2013 — Lang: English

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  • Brezhoneg 29.6.2013
  • TheGiantCookie 20.6.2013
  • thecomedyhen 10.6.2013
    permission to groan? hahaha it did make me laugh though
  • Stiltsen 28.5.2013
    Hahah! Gratz.
  • cirkuz 28.5.2013
  • Maoriman 27.5.2013
    And conga sheepster...
  • Maoriman 27.5.2013
    @Benny Mate, when it's 46 degrees over there in Oz I wouldn't expect you to know what 'down' is... You cobbers wouldn't need to ever use the stuff...
  • Quag54 27.5.2013
    Did you know my dad ?
  • Veronique 27.5.2013
  • paco_de_pinda 27.5.2013
  • DLRAAR 27.5.2013
    (It's Sillier........)
  • benjamin895 27.5.2013
    @sheep lol you mean duck feathers used in bedding grr i'm having a blonde moment:D

    good one:P
  • 35sheep 27.5.2013
    @Benji: Think 'feathers'
  • benjamin895 27.5.2013
    haha i don't get it but conga again mate:)
  • asfaltocaldo 27.5.2013
    aww... your words made me smile deep down my heart! what can I say...the minimum is thanking you for expressing it in this elegant and romantic way...

    P.S. your wife's very lucky :)
  • 35sheep 27.5.2013
    @Hotmama: Not a quad. A beautiful girl with a mysterious smile got in the way. That has happened to me before. We are married now ...

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  • asfaltocaldo 27.5.2013
    conga on the double - or rather quad!
  • 35sheep 27.5.2013
    @pen: I guess you don't! ^^

    @all: Thanks again! :-D
  • Pen_alias 26.5.2013
    I don't need some wisenheimer mouse to tell ME how to get down.
  • gregheffleydude1 26.5.2013

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