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The lines of life

ricardob on 21. May, 2013 — Lang: Nederlands

The lines of life
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  • benjamin895 23.5.2013
    may they stay true and never change!
  • Sym 22.5.2013
    Mountains? :D
  • sidneyflei 22.5.2013
  • Maoriman 22.5.2013
  • paco_de_pinda 21.5.2013
    I knew you would like it :)) I thought about putting "I think this is what Kenny tried to say" below it.

    @Ricardob Faved btw ;)

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  • kennyreid 21.5.2013
    best comment ever
  • paco_de_pinda 21.5.2013
    The messed up line that declairs what you've done and what your doing now. However, the messed up line is the reason that you're a living (human) being, ups and downs are a part of it. But that those "line-shocks" are coming back means you're strong enough to climb all mountains that cross your path and you must never give up climbing!!

    ; (<-- A semicolon represents a sentence the author could have ended, but chose not to.)
  • kennyreid 21.5.2013
    kinda deep message, like it big time
  • Elgar 21.5.2013
  • Quag54 21.5.2013

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