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The winner of the "Stihl VS MilkMan" duel is....

paco_de_pinda on 12. May, 2013 — Lang: English

The winner of the "Stihl VS MilkMan" duel is....
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    Watch this first:

    Well.. Stihl didn't really made an art-strip.. The results were:

    MilkMan: 6 comments
    Stihl: 9 comments
    Scamatoon: 10 comments (3 from them of me and him)

    Let's say this:
    Milkman won! His strip was better than Stihl's (my oppinion). Next time I'll let the people give their vote in the contest strip, instead of counting the comments. It was not a good idea after all.

    That Scamatoon has won, was just a joke. The contest was meant to be only for MilkMan and Stihl. He wasn't actually allow to entry. (just saying before you're gonna ask)

    Scama wasn't in my library.. So I needed to remake him (without the character-creator)



    And the winner of the "Sthil VS MilkMan" contest is.....

    SCAMATOON!! He had 10 comments on his strip. Applause for him!

    There you go. Bravo, buddy!

    And to you, my dear watchers.. stay tunned. We'll be right back after the commercials!

    Yeah! I'm awesome!

    Milkman, Stihl, Scamatoon, Paco, Paco_de_Pinda
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