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Aqua-Man: Cenbunnion

Similau on 7. May, 2013 — Lang: English

Aqua-Man: Cenbunnion
  • Description

    A mix between Centurion and Bunnies.... and Anubis.

    This strip is a reply to Aqua-Man: Floris on the run



    Lmm mpgh gmph! Mmmph!

    Need help to restrain him?

    No. Cover me from the bunnies. I'll prevent him from escaping!

    What is with you and struggling all of sudden?

    Mmph cnmph ffmpht lmmphk vmph!


    Alright, you wanna try to run? Then your legs are tied up!

    Quit killing yourselves! There will be too many of you!

    La cle du monsieur à la peau rouge doit être protégée! (The key of the guy with the red skin must be protected!)

    Cul de Poulet!

    Cul de Poulet!

    Cul de Poulet!

    Similau, Azzie13, Azzie, Aqua-Man
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