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Fallout: Greetings from the Mojave Intro

NeoChomik on 6. May, 2013 — Lang: Polski

Fallout: Greetings from the Mojave Intro
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    I know, I was supposed to start after Neo vs Rude, but the temptation was too strong.

    also, I can do what i want.
    Anyway, Enjoy



    All right, cough up the caps for the protection!

    B-But... but I already paid for this week's protection!

    Looks like you paid to the wrong g-UGH!


    BOO-YAH SUCKER! Right between the eyses! I told ya I never miss!

    Yeah, Yeah. Whatever. can we go there and take his finger, so i can eat the rest?

    Always thinking about the same eh?

    Hey! A Man can't walk on an empty stomach.

    A Lair of Insanity presents

    A tribute series to the
    "Fallout: New Vegas " game
    by Obsidian Entertainment

    Greetings from the

    NeoChomik, Rudevald, Fallout, Greetings from the Mojave, F:NV, Fallout New Vegas
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  • SierraTwist 12.12.2013
    Those are some fantastic character designs!This is one hell of a start!
  • ourWorld_Online 1.9.2013
    great opening.
  • dadebomb123 16.5.2013
    neo must taken the cannibal perk...
  • dadebomb123 10.5.2013
    fallout, one of the best games ever
  • firelordA2 7.5.2013
    Red Neckssssssssssss smell em geting muged
  • Quag54 7.5.2013
    Good thing about being the creator, you can do what you want !
  • abrotons 7.5.2013
    very good Neo
  • asfaltocaldo 7.5.2013
    like your characters
  • Sym 7.5.2013
    Greetings to you, too! :D
  • Flamingdeath 7.5.2013
  • Maoriman 6.5.2013
    Greetings from Maoriman^^
  • Azzie13 6.5.2013
    My bf loves this game. He installed it for me. But I only dieand do stupid things (killing important quest giversand step on mines). I love the concept of this game..
  • cirkuz 6.5.2013
    what happens in vagas stay in vagas...
  • Rudevald 6.5.2013
    I love your work on Ratslayer (My fav gun from F:NV) and Veteran NCR Ranger armor :D
  • Veronique 6.5.2013
  • Similau 6.5.2013
    Got a shit load of games I need to finish, and Fallout 3 is in that list.

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