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Why Are We On Facebook

seanrnicholson on 2. May, 2013 — Lang: English

Why Are We On Facebook
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    In this comic, an executive is questioning why their company is launching social media efforts on Facebook. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any answers.



    I see we launched our new Facebook page.

    Yep, we're pretty proud of it!

    What are our goals? Customer support? New business?

    I have no idea. Marketing said we need to be on Facebook

    Wait, if we don't have goals, why did we launch it?

    Uh, I need to go get started on our new Twitter account.

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  • seanrnicholson 4.5.2013
    Great points! This comic was created as part of a blog post about why companies should think through their reason behind being on Facebook before creating a page. Check out the blog post at


  • paco_de_pinda 2.5.2013
    Some company's get very much publicity because people comment on their photos. People will see that that company post funny stuff and subscribe too. An example of a good Facebook usage is Axe's. They post pictures that have nothing in commen with what they're selling but people will remember the name and how much their product manipulate their social status. Actually only men subscribe to the Axe-Facebook page, but hey: that's their customer-public.

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