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Sheet of ALL old SG characters

paco_de_pinda on 1. May, 2013 — Lang: English

Sheet of ALL old SG characters
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  • Elgar 29.6.2013
  • paco_de_pinda 29.6.2013
    XD Elgar, our Thumblr man

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  • Elgar 29.6.2013
  • paco_de_pinda 29.6.2013
    Okay okay.

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  • Elgar 29.6.2013
    :D lol I know .... There is slovakia.....but it's me.... we was one republic with Slovakia before 20 years and this is not slovakian language .. it's slovenian

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  • paco_de_pinda 29.6.2013
    Go to the first link in the description, there you can see it. I had to put the (name of the)language in another language, maybe there were multiple counties that give that language that name. You could be right.

    Make sure you copy the whole link instead of clicking the orange part of it.
  • Elgar 29.6.2013
    Slovaks speak differently than Slovenians :D I can speak Slovak quite well... And I thing..that this is Slovenien :D ..... but ... It's up to you ;)
  • paco_de_pinda 29.6.2013
    I trust G/Translate ;)
    And thanks! :D
  • Elgar 29.6.2013
    Great idea BTW :D
  • Elgar 29.6.2013
    Slovakia? Are you sure? Isn't it Slovenia?

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  • paco_de_pinda 28.6.2013
    @Neinire and @Calm Thank you very much! :D
    @Neinire Didn't know that, but it sounds logical for our Das Hund. I tried to say their names out loud once and that was a miserable failure :p. The names should be in Slovakia.. That's was the SG's first language in combination with English.
  • Neinire 28.6.2013
    hey really interesting, you use name of many different countries yop? Pes Jan sounds really czech. Mean Dog John
  • calm 28.6.2013
    Oh, this is wonderful! I had no idea there were names for each character!
    Faving this strip...interesting ideas about the past, alpha users and FA. :-)
  • leao90 19.5.2013
    Khjg bfgsv vdhfsrvgxgd gdgvu fbffnn bg hmj mjnb ybjvrj gctkdtjgvdbeybe ev dtdhdfe bdhg gcjd g gctgjve
  • DerkBoy 9.5.2013
    yes the old time...
  • stihl 7.5.2013
    Pes Jan !!
  • generalX8 4.5.2013
    Joshitsu was the bomb (even though i never used him) he was awesome☺
    I clicked on the gallery button from the link and sg freaked out!!!
    but then i went to the forums page...
    i like some of the ideas!! heres the link:

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  • paco_de_pinda 2.5.2013
    @Abro 5th from 3rd row.

    @Neo Interesting.. Even if re-using @lpha will cause bad things, I still think it's awesome to get tempormary more (good) elements than the others. I tought about giving FA all elements from all themepacks for a week, but that will not always be as nice as you think it is.

    Never stop dreaming about the Good Ol' Days. Not everything what's old is boring for newcomers (like me).
  • abrotons 2.5.2013

    there's no Niko here!!!
  • Sym 2.5.2013
    Ghandi is a rabbit? :D

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