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Pen_alias on 25. Apr, 2013 — Lang: English

  • This strip is a reply to If We Could Talk To The Animals



    Go get the stick boy!

    Get the stick? Are you kidding me?

    You callously throw your stick away, and before it even hits the ground, you want me to go chasing after it just because you’ve had a change of heart?!

    I’m not responsible for your whims, you indecisive stick chucker! I want no part of your fickle sense of devotion! If you want your lousy stick back, you go get it!

    Just don’t expect it to forgive you!

    dog, nothing of importance
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  • EdWilder 7.11.2019
    That dog is a real asshole...:)
  • Flamingdeath 27.4.2013
  • markmahem 26.4.2013
    Well that escalated quickly...
  • Pen_alias 25.4.2013
    With supportive words like that I'd say I get pretty good credit as it is.
  • stihl 25.4.2013
  • 35sheep 25.4.2013

    PS: Agree with quag as well!
  • Stiltsen 25.4.2013
  • Sym 25.4.2013
    I agree with Quag! :D
    Funny strip!
  • Quag54 25.4.2013
    I was laughin my head off by frame 3.
    You have the gift my friend and should be getting more credit for your humor ! :D
  • sidneyflei 25.4.2013
    haha.. bitter dog..

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