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The Lady, and the Tiger

dalegria on 24. Apr, 2013 — Lang: English

The Lady, and the Tiger
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    This is my version of how the story really ends.



    The Lady, or the Tiger?

    I am a semi-barbaric king who has a wild imagination. Some might say I'm crazy.

    When people in my land commit crimes, I punish them by throwing them into an arena with 2 doors. The accused have to pick a door that will seal their fate.

    Behind one of the doors is a tiger...

    RAWR...I'm hungry!

    Behind the other door was the most beautiful woman in all of the kingdom.

    The man was to choose a door. If he chose the tiger, he would be eaten, but if he chose the one with the woman, he would marry her instantly.

    The king had a daughter (also semi-barbaric) who was in love with a worker of low birth. They loved each other, but one day the king discovered their love. He sent the worker to prison and announced a day for him to appear in the arena.

    by Frank R. Stockton

    The semi-barbaric princess had a choice to make. She had learned which door the tiger would emerge from and the door where the beautiful woman awaited. The only problem was that she could not bare the thought of someone else marrying her love. She also did not want him to get eaten by the ferocious tiger.

    Which door babe?

    The LEFT one!

    He opened the left door and all that was left was a pile of bones.


    HMM. What should I do?

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