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April Fool's Day Prank!

hellopeople82 on 3. Apr, 2013 — Lang: English

April Fool's Day Prank!
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    I know its late but this prank is hilarious!



    Happy (Late) April Fool's Day!

    Here is a great prank to pull on your friends anytime.

    Get two quarters. Take a pencil and trace around 1 of the quarters. Make sure to get the sides of that quarter nice and leady so it looks dark. Now remember which one that is.

    Now go to your friend and tell him/her you have been trying to do this all day and can't seem to do it. Now demonstrate this: Put you thumbs on the side of your head and the NON PENCILED quater between your pinkies and try to successfully roll the quarter down your face.

    Now, give your friend/victim the other quarter that has the pencil and tell them to try it. Then, LAUGH HYSTERICALLY!



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  • gregheffleydude1 5.4.2013
    Wait...actually I think I do.
  • gregheffleydude1 5.4.2013
    I dont get it.
  • hellopeople82 5.4.2013
    @NeoChomik, that would be good but it would be too noticeable like Scales said and its kinda hard to get off. But if they were really gullible and had a great sense of humor, I AGREE! :D

    @generalX8, YAY!!!!
  • generalX8 3.4.2013
    it worked ☺
  • Quag54 3.4.2013
    You might be out 25 cents
  • Scales 3.4.2013
    NeoChomik, a marker would be too visible. The pencil would not be as easy to see on the quarter.
  • precel 3.4.2013
    evilest thing i can imagine
  • NeoChomik 3.4.2013
    i think the marker would be more efficient
  • stihl 3.4.2013
  • paco_de_pinda 3.4.2013
    XD. Didn't know that one. Now I only need somebody to get so far that he rolls with a coin over his face.
  • generalX8 3.4.2013
  • cirkuz 3.4.2013
  • JRMarklin 3.4.2013
    But be sure that the victim has good humor
    Pero hay que estar seguros que la victima tiene buen humor

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