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I've got a friend.

abrotons on 29. Mar, 2013 — Lang: English

I've got a friend.
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  • asfaltocaldo 12.11.2014
    nice to see this strip around again!
  • OccamsRayzor 12.11.2014
    @FusionOfTheAces - If you practice, you will soon learn. There are many tutorials to be found.
  • Crazyzee 12.11.2014
    Your Birds, Characters and Scenery's are all great! Yes, even the Beautiful Women. Great Artwork my Friend!
  • FusionOfTheAces 12.11.2014
    wow amazing art, I wish I knew how to use this site that well
  • abrotons 14.1.2014
    Thanks Titi!
  • TitiVonTranz 14.1.2014
    Lovely sentiment (and gorgeous birds!) XXX
  • craigdragon 18.9.2013
    Awesome! I like the birds!:>)
  • abrotons 18.9.2013
    you're a master
  • OccamsRayzor 18.9.2013
    Both you and Veronique are always on my watch list :)
  • flambi 3.5.2013
    very good
  • oldbaldnbored 26.4.2013
    are you a artist for your job you should be
  • ourWorld_Online 1.4.2013
    Veronique is a very incredible artist. We have a lot of great artists here on SG and you sir are also one of them. Your birds are fantastic! Congrats on bribed.
  • abrotons 31.3.2013
    I know her well
    and she's great
    believe me
  • asfaltocaldo 31.3.2013
    she's a very special friend and a wonderful person, positive, strong and full of trust on people!
  • abrotons 31.3.2013
    come on
    if you press like. leave a comnment, please!
  • MISISIS 31.3.2013
    Friends are for life
  • abrotons 31.3.2013
    well.. that was till then!
  • abrotons 31.3.2013
    14 people commenting
    14 likes... great!!!!
    no anonymous votes by now!
  • OliverStrip 31.3.2013
  • paco_de_pinda 31.3.2013
    Bravo! This strip is a nice ending of all the trouble that was around. You made the impression to everyone very well. Bravo again.
    Ps. Good idea to draw yourself without sunglasses. You see his it made this strip special!

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