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Gay Marriage In Reality

anonymous on 27. Mar, 2013 — Lang: English

Gay Marriage In Reality
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    Gay marriage is wrong because then people could marry their dog!

    Sorry Sparkie, I know you want to come home with me, but the shelter says you refuse to fill out the proper paperwork

    Gay marriage is wrong because they can't have kids

    Anyone have reason why these two should not be married?

    Jeanie's tubes are tied!

    Well that's too bad. Ok everybody, let's go home.

    Gay marriage is wrong because marriage is traditionally defined as 1 man & 1 woman

    Hey Honey, I was thinking about getting a full time job

    I know that sounds like a good idea, but that's just not traditional marriage

    Gay marriage is wrong because the Bible says so

    I think I might buy & wear new pair of pants

    Blasphemy! Get her!

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