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Freaks & Creeps! Ep:6 pt4

dawg123 on 19. Mar, 2013 — Lang: English

Freaks & Creeps! Ep:6 pt4
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    The final conclusion for the sixth episode Hope you enjoy!
    I know it has been a long time since I have went back to this because I have been busy but now I am on spring break so I can finally get back on track and do my other ideas I can not wait to show what will be next!

    This strip is a reply to Freaks & Creeps! Ep:6 pt3



    Science Fair:

    Hey put your project over here.

    Thanks but my project doesn't require a table.

    Oh ok my fire work volcano isn't good enough for yours to be next to it?

    No not that it is because...wait you have fireworks in your volcano!?!

    Yeah, I said I was going to make something that goes boom.

    so it is true, your project is a fish HA!

    Well I don't see you with your project!

    It is right in front of you...I just havn't used it YET. Come Mike lets go.

    Yes Arnold.

    Science Fair!

    Hey Sebastion I think we should turn on the project right when he walks over here so we can suprise him!

    Good plan!

    What do we have here Henry?

    We made a machine that is able to listen to what fishes are thinking here put this on.

    My name is Frank. My name is Frank. My name is Frank. My name is Frank...

    Hmmm very interesting. Alright who is next?

    And what do we have over here?

    Do it now!






    NOoo! The water messed up my mind control project!

    Woohoo my project went BOOM!

    Well, it looks like nobody will win this years science fair since majority of them are destroyed.

    Ugh Mr. Joy My partner and I stillha ve our project.

    Well then show me.

    The power of gravity!

    Very impressive, I just found my winners!

    How was that?

    Where am I?

    The End.

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  • Flamingdeath 29.3.2013
    ehehehehehehehe I wonder if that would actually work....
  • Veronique 20.3.2013
  • Quag54 20.3.2013
    I thought the fish thinking was the best.
  • NeoChomik 19.3.2013
    Thats how i imagined it to be :D
    but didnt expect the Power of Gravity

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