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asfaltocaldo on 12. Mar, 2013 — Lang: No text

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    character of Italian advertising animation, created by Nino & Toni Pagot and Ignazio Colnaghi and appeared for the first time on TV on 1963.
    having fallen in the mud it gets dirty and turns black, lives a few little adventures and finally thanks to the detergent advertised turns back to his original white colour, clean and happy.

    very popular in Italy in the sixties, together with some of his famous phrases such as: "Everybody have it with me because I'm small and black... but it is an injustice. "

    surrendering to nostalgia

    character in my library

    This strip is a reply to casting de pingüinos, Angry penguin, A contest for children., (837) ricarica pubblicitaria
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  • Erwinator 2.8.2013
    Awesome! I remember this tv show (in Dutch dub than) :)
  • phpboxxx 14.5.2013
    Heh I remember this show
  • genmaes 14.5.2013
    ¡Que grande Calimero!
  • gerico1961 12.5.2013
    mitico calimero...
    pero' anche l'olandesina non era male ghghghghgh
  • asfaltocaldo 14.4.2013
    thank you too!

    paco, popular in the Netherlands as well? great! your right about the quote, I shortened it in the description.
    Sym, I assembled shapes - some of them cut, masked, deformed.
  • Sym 12.4.2013
    How did you make this? Faved!
  • abrotons 12.4.2013
  • paco_de_pinda 12.4.2013
    How could I forgot to comment on this one!? He's not from my time, but I heard some stories and quotes form him from my parents.

    In my country he didn't said "Everybody have it with me because I'm small and black... but it is an injustice. "
    Instead, he said: "Everybody have it with me because I'm small and they are big... but it is an injustice. "

    I just watched the first episode, what a cute series were those. But what I also want to say: Good job on the comic!
  • asfaltocaldo 15.3.2013
    thank you again!

    Lanzi & mau, sono anche io sorpresa dalla popolarità che il pulcino è riuscito a costruirsi oltre confine - sapevo che era apprezzato in Giappone ma evidentemente non solo lì e questo mi conferma che il mondo del fumetto e dell'animazione è fatto di scambi continui e diffusi
  • hoty2hot 14.3.2013
    so cute
  • blabberman 14.3.2013
    cali... mero...
    es sin cero, ja ja ja
  • 35sheep 14.3.2013
    Congalabonga - a well deserved bribe! :-)
  • stihl 14.3.2013
    ...sudbina me (njega) dovodi do 28 lajkova !
  • stihl 14.3.2013
    conga man
    welll done :)
  • mau 14.3.2013
    credo che ci siano anche stati dei fumetti, e sono ragionevolmente certo che in Giappone ne abbiano fatto un manga :-)
    (d'altra parte, dove credi che abbiano disegnato i cartoni dei Barbapapà?)
  • Lanzichenecco 14.3.2013
    ...parrebbe che calimero sia stata una icona mondiale!! Roba che sarebbe potuta finire sui quadri di Andy Warhol al pari di Marilyn!
  • Zoltar 14.3.2013
    CONGA !!!!
  • cirkuz 14.3.2013
  • JRMarklin 14.3.2013
    I remember watching that series in black and white TV
    Recuerdo haber visto esa serie en TV blanco y negro
  • calm 14.3.2013
    Awww...he needs a hug! What a cutie! :-)

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