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rukowski on 4. Mar, 2013 — Lang: English

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  • stihl 9.3.2013
    fingers like X-man !
  • Drachir 5.3.2013
    Abe Lincoln, God bless him
    Did his best to end depression
    Good thinker, smart talker
    Very tall man, very fast walker
    Oh, lord, what a shame
    Got shot down by three white name
    Abe Lincoln, where are you now?
  • rukowski 5.3.2013
  • JRMarklin 5.3.2013
    Gracias Ruko, espero y espera el país que sea muy pronto
    Thanks Ruko, I hope and expect the country to be very soon
  • rukowski 4.3.2013
    @JR Soy muy consciente de que el sistema político en su país increíble que espero que algún día el pueblo venezolano va a experimentar la democracia
  • JRMarklin 4.3.2013
    It is very unfortunate, in my country Venezuela, there is no democracy
  • dawg123 4.3.2013
    Very nice
  • Stiltsen 4.3.2013
    Very nice.
  • asfaltocaldo 4.3.2013
    a good idea for a start
  • qenene 4.3.2013
    Words, only words.
  • precel 4.3.2013
    i dont think democracy is good but also don't know what's better...

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