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Electric sunset

Elgar on 27. Feb, 2013 — Lang: No text

Electric sunset
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  • mansoor 8.2.2016
  • A2H 8.2.2016
  • Detective 14.12.2013
  • MrTerrorKiller 16.8.2013
  • Eona 27.4.2013
    I love this strip! Total fave (:
  • kennyreid 27.4.2013
    what drachir said is brilliant fr this strip
  • ricardob 23.4.2013
    nice one!
  • asfaltocaldo 2.3.2013
    bello e inteerssante
  • purplekiss 1.3.2013
    this is neat! epic!
  • DLRAAR 28.2.2013
  • Drachir 28.2.2013
    Everybody needs some power I'm told
    To shield them from the darkness and the cold
    Some may see a way to take control when it's bought and sold.
    I know that lives are at stake
    Yours and mine and our descendants in time.
    There's so much to gain, so much to lose
    Everyone of us has to choose.
    Just give me the warm power of the sun
    Give me the steady flow of a waterfall
    Give me the spirit of living things as they return to clay.
  • begbie 28.2.2013
  • Tproductions 28.2.2013
    Awesome! :)
  • benjamin895 28.2.2013
    woh, good work..
  • Maoriman 28.2.2013
    Brilliant! Hopefully the community will bribe this one...
  • JRMarklin 28.2.2013
    The Electric Forest
    El bosque eléctrico
  • Scales 27.2.2013
    Nice work.
  • gregheffleydude1 27.2.2013
  • Quag54 27.2.2013
    Very cool !
  • paco_de_pinda 27.2.2013
    I sometimes see birds on those things.. Nice made^^ The backgrounds looks like the background in sheep's "Why they became extinct" strips.

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