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MAFIA 2: Voting round 2

paco_de_pinda on 19. Feb, 2013 — Lang: English

MAFIA 2: Voting round 2
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  • rapunzel18 15.11.2013
    is dat meisje met dat kerspak fan van kerstmis?
  • paco_de_pinda 15.11.2013
    Houd er rekening mee dat ik veel "elementen" heb geleent van andere gebruikers die ze gemaakt hebben ;).
    English: Notice that I borrowed alot of these "elements" from other uses who made them ;).
  • rapunzel18 15.11.2013
    geesten in huis!!!
  • rapunzel18 15.11.2013
    toffe kalkoen!!!!
  • stihl 23.2.2013
    cool :D
  • benjamin895 21.2.2013
    amazing series.. gratz!
  • cirkuz 20.2.2013
  • Veronique 20.2.2013
    @Paco: sorry my vote is for ....
    I'm sorry Elgar!
    "bloody kisses and bang bang!"
  • Flamingdeath 20.2.2013
    Milkmans' dieing??? NOOOO my supplier¡!!!
  • paco_de_pinda 20.2.2013
    *some delay, sry*
    *because of a flash-crash*

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  • firelordA2 20.2.2013
  • asfaltocaldo 20.2.2013
    oh nooo, Don Impatiento nooo
  • paco_de_pinda 20.2.2013
    Btw: Sheep and Milkman are going to die. Sheep has 3 votes against him because Snake changed his vote. He told me in the chat.
  • paco_de_pinda 20.2.2013
    @AsfaltoCaldo Thanks! Yeep. It's a "double-bonga" ^^ I don't think there's a word for it.. (conga, bonga, mango)..
    Okay everybody voted. Good in time! I'll make the strip now. No vote changes allowed anymore.
  • asfaltocaldo 20.2.2013
    though Elgar still looks to me as scary as hell...
  • asfaltocaldo 20.2.2013
    conga on another bribed! the fourth! Santa Rosalia!
    well deserved!
    would vote for Neko, definitely quite the dark lady type, forgive me Neko!
  • paco_de_pinda 20.2.2013
    @Elgar You can say that. I see you're getting online for the game. ;)
    @Everbody Thanks for the bribery!! :D
    Because of that, I'll say something about our next strip: 1. We're going to bowl and 2. I invited a famous guest for play a role in it^^.

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  • Elgar 20.2.2013
    ok ok.... I missed the start ...but..... hmm... I thing that Mafia is Flamingdeath

    Sorry Flamingdeath :/
  • 35sheep 20.2.2013
    I am soooo dead ...
  • paco_de_pinda 20.2.2013
    People who didn't vote yet: Veronique, Elgar and AsfaltoCaldo.
    Please vote within 9 hours. :)
    @Don Sheep Oh, hehe. My bad.

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