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How To Keep Love In Your Heart, Part 2

ElizOF on 20. Feb, 2013 — Lang: English

How To Keep Love In Your Heart, Part 2
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    The doubting twosome complete the course and recognize how much they have grown from the experience. They've learned to forgive, help,share,trust,practise, offer compassion and self love. Of course, it doesn't happen overnight but as we make the effort, we remember to keep love in our heart even more. :-)



    Just come learn a few tips in class and leave.

    Ok and no tricks or I quit.

    Any money talk, I'm gone


    Students, Lets review how to keep love in your heart

    double click to write...


    Helping others and Sharing

    double click to write...

    self love

    double click to write...

    Being no fool.. Ok Prof, Compassion


    Superb work and practise. Enjoy your gifts and keep love in your heart

    End of term .... months later

    Thanks Prof! I forgave myself and grew..

    For a tough guy, this was eye-opening

    self love, man

    Who knew? love is moi too!

    There's food next door and 3 gifts each for you to take home. Yah!


    double click to write...

    Who's laughing now? Ready to do heart love work? Your Turn!

    love, heart, forgive, help, share, trust, compassion, selflove
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