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the 1920's

fdsa on 14. Feb, 2013 — Lang: English

the 1920's
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    Chicago under Capone

    So, it seems you were finally able to lock up Al Capone for all those murders

    Actually we were only able to put him away for tax evasion.

    That's a shame considering everyone knows he's guilty, despite the lack of evidence

    Speakeasy for alcohol

    Please, I just want to sit down and have a drink.

    Sorry, but you can't get in without a password.

    Look, I just bought this radio off of credit.

    If people keep buying off of credit, one day no one will be able to repay their debt

    Oh, that will never happen! stop worrying about the future.

    Buy now, pay later

    Knowing whats going on

    This new radio lets me know when Babe Ruth hits another homerun

    And thats a record folks! 60 homeruns!

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