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"stock elements" Winner - n°6

BaalMoloch on 11. Feb, 2013 — Lang: English

"stock elements" Winner - n°6
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  • JUma 14.2.2013
    Felicidades qenene!!

    Thanks for the contest Baal!!

    ...more please! ^^
  • DepresiveNeko 12.2.2013
    sure, im not winner but still im finalist!
    Thank you :)
  • benjamin895 12.2.2013
    congrats to qenene and all entries. top contest..
  • cirkuz 11.2.2013
    it is what it is...
  • paco_de_pinda 11.2.2013
    Cool.. but.. you used the elements from the contest in this strip too xD
  • 35sheep 11.2.2013
  • BaalMoloch 11.2.2013
    @Precel : you tried to be creative, this was the main thing!
    @Neo : very happy of your participation, I know that you're not a huge fan of contests...
    I'm very proud to see 5 strips bribed the last week
    once again, thanks all to play the game and to respect the rules
    next contest in april !

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  • qenene 11.2.2013
    Thanks everybody.
  • NeoChomik 11.2.2013
    Gratz to all winners...
    Didnt even considered to start thinking i get a chance, as long as there are good artist on SG, every contest is pretty much predictable. I joined for lulz, but totally called the winner.
  • precel 11.2.2013
    deserved to win, mine was weak
  • thecomedyhen 11.2.2013
    Well done well done, i had fun :)
  • Quag54 11.2.2013
    The contest was fun and my entry got bribed.
    So, it's all good !
  • asfaltocaldo 11.2.2013
    aaahhh fantastico! great choice Baal! I love that strip!
    conga to qenene and to other participants and to you for organizing another stock elements contest!
    great contest results strip too
  • stihl 11.2.2013
    conga to all, esp. Qenene !!!
  • abrotons 11.2.2013
  • Veronique 11.2.2013
    Felicidades Qenene!!!
    (thanks Baal! ^-^)

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