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hey lenny 184

benjamin895 on 10. Feb, 2013 — Lang: English

hey lenny 184
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    cheers to thecomedyhen for himself:)

    This strip is a reply to hey lenny 183, Aussies' - Hey Lenny



    ok, let the auditions commence. now, who do we have first.. a Mr Hen? please take a seat mate..

    arrgh! what the fuck? you're a real chicken, that talks!?

    BUCUCK!! bucuuuuuuuck Bwwaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk!?

    oh, thank god. i thought that chicken actually spoke to me haha..

    yeah i did actually mate. sorry about that. here, let me translate that for you ..'hey, is that any way to speak to a lady?'

    ha! i'm just kidding. i'm a comedy hen! the great thing about hiring me is, i work for poultry pellets! ha i crack
    me up. thats a joke see, i work for cash dude. cash money! so i can buy poultry pellets! ha! did i get the job?

    err.. hm well, you're not human, and the part really is for a human.. but i like your style! why don't you tell me a little about yourself. what experience do you have as an actor?

    hehe thanks mate!

    hehe lunch!

    oh, i've worked with some of the greats! i was part of the golden age of american animation. for 28 glorious episodes i got to beat that barn yard dog with a plank of wood ha! a doo dah! a doo dah!

    you played the character 'foghorn leghorn?'

    Now that, I say, now that’s comedy, son!

    hey, lenny, i, say, now, thats, comedy, son
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  • benjamin895 12.2.2013
    thanks guys. as always, i appreciate all the comments and support!:)
  • Flamingdeath 11.2.2013
    conga on FA!
  • paco_de_pinda 11.2.2013
    Hire him!! :D
    Conga on the FA

    edited by owner

  • asfaltocaldo 11.2.2013
    these talks are always tiring
    conga on bribed and on FA!
  • Veronique 11.2.2013
  • stihl 11.2.2013
    conga again.
  • stihl 11.2.2013
    conga, good this new series widouth lenny but why the title "hey lenny" when there is no lenny !!
  • BaalMoloch 11.2.2013
    Gratz on bribed & gratz on FA !
  • 35sheep 11.2.2013
    Oh - and grats on being in the top left corner as well! ;-)
  • 35sheep 11.2.2013
    What quag said! :-D conga!
  • abrotons 11.2.2013
  • Quag54 11.2.2013
    Time to say, "NEXT" !
  • MadameCercle 11.2.2013
    Belle scène.
  • thecomedyhen 11.2.2013
    Yay, congrats on bribed an Featured Benji :)
  • cirkuz 11.2.2013
    and on FA as well

    edited by owner

  • Veronique 11.2.2013
    muy bueno!
  • NeoChomik 10.2.2013
    that reminds me kinda of chicken Bo
  • Drachir 10.2.2013
    Hey little hen, when, when, when
    Will you lay me an egg for my tea.
    Hey little hen, when, when, when
    Will you try to supply one for me
    Get into your nest,
    Do your little best,
    Get it off your chest,
    I can do the rest.
    Hey little hen, when, when, when
    Will you lay me an egg for my tea.
  • thecomedyhen 10.2.2013
    Prove it Pen_alias ;)
  • Pen_alias 10.2.2013
    I knew Foghorn Leghorn; Foghorn Leghorn was a friend of mine. You, sir, are no Foghorn Leghorn!

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