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rukowski on 8. Feb, 2013 — Lang: English

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  • roundhead 8.2.2013
    But if he uses drones instead of invading more nations, what then?
  • precel 8.2.2013
    i like it
  • Quag54 8.2.2013
    Obama did much to improve the way the rest of the world views the US which was hurt by the Bush years.
  • rukowski 8.2.2013
    Gratzie JR
  • JRMarklin 8.2.2013
    A good question that will make many
    Una buena pregunta que se la haran muchos
  • rukowski 8.2.2013
    @ben "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."
  • benjamin895 8.2.2013
    how did he get it in the 1st place?
  • abrotons 8.2.2013
    he shouldn't have been awarded!
  • thecomedyhen 8.2.2013
    This is true
  • Drachir 8.2.2013
    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor

    Time will tell on their power minds
    Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess
    Wait 'til their judgement day comes
  • purplekiss 8.2.2013
  • opeluna1 8.2.2013
    He should be, yes

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